profEssional TranslaTion and localizaTion

Concordance Translation supplies translations which are true to the original and technically accurate. We ensure quality with a dual step process: translation by experienced translators and revision by a Certified Translator, so that proper terminology and linguistic standards are followed consistently. Close communication with the client is an important aspect of our work in order to convey the message accurately and clearly understand the client's translation needs.

Editing and Desktop Publishing

Final deliverables can be supplied as finished products for distribution. Our desktop publishing specialists work in InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Publisher, and other commonly used DTP software.


Voice-over narrations are recorded by selected talents working in their own regional languages, to reflect the target audience. Concordance Translation oversees the translation and recording of voice-over scripts, as well as the creation of screen graphics.

TranslaTion Memory and TErMinology Management

Concordance Translation believes in increasing translation efficiency and quality through the use of translation assist software. For highly repetitive documents, this can result in significant savings for the client as repeated translation units are charged at lower rates. We have helped several clients build reliable translation memories and terminology databases for their in-house use for the purpose of better managing their translation projects. These databases are the primary reference for subsequent translations and are continuously updated.

Main translation tools used: SDL Trados, MemoQ and WorldServer